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Our Company supplies an exclusive variety of Wind Indicators in advanced features that fit to customers’ accurate requirements. A Wind Direction Indicator measures wind speed and is usually mounted on the masthead of a sailboat. Wind Transducers are all usually wired although 'wireless' versions are becoming steadily more popular due to a reduced installation time.

Carbon Fiber Wind Transducers are popular for serious racing yachts. A depth transducer measures depth below the keel on the other hand and is either thru-hull, transom mounted or in-hull and made of either plastic or bronze. Following are the characteristics of our wind indicator that make them more demanding among customers:

  • Red, white, polyester, pu-coated
  • Flexi nova material with cotton or polyester material lining 2’dia and 1.5’ dia Inc 6’8’ and 12’ length
  • Stands for windsocks long pipe with single/double closed ball bearing or cage type
  • Handheld Wind Speed Indicator & Wireless Wind Speed Indicator

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