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Since the inception in this business arena, we have been striving to distribute and supply reliable Protective Clothing. Our exclusive range of Asbestos Protective Clothing protects from biological and chemical agents, particle radiation (alpha) or radiation (delta and gamma) and offer flash protection in case of bomb disposal suits. We distribute and supply Leather personal protective clothing for various industries. Our chemical protective clothing includes:

Apron - We provide aprons, which are an outer protective garment that covers front part of the body. These are available in half or full sleeves made from cotton, PVC, rubber, leather, canvas, asbestos.

  • Leg Guards and Sleeves used for leg and arm safety purpose
  • Fire Retardant Suits, Gloves and Aprons
  • Boiler Suits – Cotton-Dongris, Lab Coats, Asbestos Full Suits, Aluminized Boiler Suits, Fire Proximity/Entry Suits
  • Suits “Guard Well” soft PVC totally welded consist of Jacket with Zip/Velcro and Buttoned Flap with Air Breather, Hood With Replaceable Visor and Bend Universal Fit Pant

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