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Bangalore Industrial Aids is the frontrunner distributor and supplier of Fall Protection Equipments in this field. Whether your worker is working on a roof or big machineries, our Fall Protection Equipments are efficient to protect them. Our fall protection has successful track record in preventing the fall hazards.

As US Department of Labor (DOL) has listed, falls has been one of the major causes of traumatic deaths that accounts for eight percent of all occupational fatalities from trauma. If a worker is working at a height of more than four feet, there is need to arrange fall protection to save his precious life from any unexpected accident. Fall protection must be preferred at four feet in general industry, five feet in maritime and six feet in construction.

  • Safety Belt Tested as per IS 3521 with spring/screw hook nylon/canvas, linemen pole strap, fall arrester
  • ISI nylon rope ladder with wooden and aluminum rugs and safety nets

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