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Our Company distributes and supplies a comprehensive range of face protection equipments like Face Shields containing Crown Protector, adjustable Pin-hole/Ratchet PVC Headband Replaceable Visor. It is approved by CLI FOR -8521 Model FG-10 with 11/8 Visor. We offer FGC 20 along with Chin & Ear Cover, and Quick Lock attachment for Helmets. Our Standard Shield with Elastic Band Welder/Head Shield, Furnace Mask, Wiremaesh Aluminized Head Shield for Furnace are widely used among customers. The Safety & Protective Face Shields is made of clear polymer with 100 % optical clarity with unique swivel design to lift up and down smoothly.

Face shield brim is made up of PP polymer and side slot fix attachments made of ABS for abrasion resistance. Swivel and adjustable clear acrylic face with elastic head band and sweat band available in sizes 6"X9", 9"X9", 9"X12" useful against chemical splash or while grinding. Cheek & chin guard, full cover from side, adjustable swivel type wing nut/ratchet head band with sweat band. Our Face Protection Equipment contains clear, colored visors in various sizes 6"X12 and 9"X12".

These are ideal for full face protection against or while grinding. High speed flying particles or chemical splashes are rarely "aimed" directly at the eyes. A full face visor offers the maximum protection in extreme conditions. Our industrial face shields offer a wide area of protection and, because of the all round ventilation, remain mist free even in wide temperature swings.

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